What is Melt Art ?

An art form in which craft materials are melted and transformed into dimensional works of art using the Ranger Melting Pot and the Melt Art line of products.

What is the Melting Pot and how do I use it ?

The Melting Pot™ allows crafters to create original three dimensional fashion jewelry, magnets, soap, candles, home décor art, artifacts, paper and memory craft embellishments and more. The Melting Pot is ergonomically designed and easy to use. Melt, dip and pour Ultra Thick Embossing Enamels, embossing powders, soap, candle wax, beeswax, glue, candy and more. Individual project pans allow you to have multiple melting projects with one Melting Pot. See Projects and Tips and Techniques for many ideas on using the Melting Pot which belongs in everyone’s craft room or art studio!

What is the best way to melt UTEE ?

Melt UTEE directly in the Melting Pot™ and cover the pot with the lid to get the quickest melting. Resist the urge to keep opening the lid and stirring. Stirring causes unnecessary bubbles in the UTEE. Do not use a project pan - the UTEE will not melt completely.

Can I use the Melting Pot and a Project Pan for polymer clay ?

Yes, using a Project Pan in the Melting Pot is a great way to cure polymer clay without burning the bottom of the clay piece. Place the clay directly in the Project Pan. (If you don’t want the back of the clay piece that touches the pan to be shiny, put a piece of polyester batting cut to fit inside the pan before placing the clay in it.) Heat the Melting Pot to the UTEE setting (360 degrees). Since you are using the Project Pan, it will diffuse the heat to a lower temperature (about 265).
Depending upon the clay manufacturer's instructions, the rule of thumb is one quarter inch of clay takes 20 minutes. It is a good idea to have a thermometer handy to check the temperature of 265 as you would with your toaster oven as well - this assures that the clay is baked at the proper temperature so that the plasticizers built into the clay are baked out and that the cured clay is not brittle.